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Agricultural Tourism at Hana Gardenland
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Agricultural Tourism at Hana Gardenland Botanical Gardens.
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Ag-tourism - Hawaii's growth industry draws tourists, supports agriculture
Hawaii's economy was built on agriculture and tourism. But industrial single-crop agriculture in Hawaii - sugar cane and pineapple - is coming to an end. Hawaii's agricultural heritage and lands can be preserved. Blending agriculture and tourism into the new growth industry called Ag-tourism, can benefit the health of agricultural lands and enrich the tourist experience beyond sun and fun.
Napa Valley Wine Country in California is a prime example of Ag-tourism. In Coffee Country in Kona Hawaii, visitors can visit coffee farms, tasting home roast coffee brews. In Hawaii, more and more agricultural tourist destinations are being centered around flowers, foliage and exotic fruits.
Ag-tourism produces income for owners of small farms and agricultural enterprises. It creates an educational experience for visitors who may be looking for something beyond the recreation of previous visits. This growing trend can provide economic support to keep lands in agriculture and preserve isle heritage.
Because of these benefits, the State of Hawaii is considering legislation to encourage tourism on agriculturally zoned lands. Activities designed to attract visitors and generate supplemental income range from conducting tours and selling products directly from the land, to operating a bed and breakfast and holding events.
Exotic Flowers
Hana Gardenland as an Agriculture Entertainment Destination
For owners of small parcels of agriculturally zoned land, it's difficult to maintain the land through agriculturally derived income. Hana Gardenland is five acres and has no single commercial crop, so no one crop can support the land. Rather, it is a diverse botanical garden, with a wide variety of edible fruits, nuts and vegetables, integrated in the landscape. Photo gallery of edible fruits and nuts.
At Gardenland, visitors enjoy a self-guided educational tour along grassy pathways winding through the gardens. Photo gallery of tropical flowers. As one of the first stops for people visiting Hana after a long drive, they can learn about the remarkable agricultural biodiversity of the rich Hana Coast bioregion. Layout of Gardenland.
Palm Nursery
The gardens feature one of Maui's most diverse palm collections with 100 varieties. Botanical signs identify over 150 specimens of palms, exotic plants and fruit trees, showing common name, scientific name and country of origin. Palm tree index.
The fruits, nuts and vegetables and ferns are available for sale at the Cafe shop and in Cafe menus. Exotic potted palms are available for the nursery. The income from tours, cafe, gift shop and nursery all help support the continued maintenance of the agricultural activities of the botanical gardens.
With its unique agricultural biodiversity and tourist experience, Gardenland is a agricultural entertainment destination, where visitors can immerse themselves and engage all their senses in our Hana Coast rainforest ecosystem.
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